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quote: Philippe Kruchten - Agile

“The agile movement is in some ways a bit like a teenager: very self-conscious, checking constantly its appearance in a mirror, accepting few criticisms, only interested in being with its peers, rejecting en bloc all wisdom from the past, just because it is from the past, adopting fads and new jargon, at times cocky and arrogant. But I have no doubts that it will mature further, become more open to the outside world, more reflective, and therefore, more effective.”

– Philippe Kruchten

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My top 20 video games

# Introduction I wanted to share my favorite games list of all time. Making the list wasn't easy though, but I've set some rules to help deciding myself. Here are the criteria: * if you show me the game, I'd be happy to play it again * if it&…

via Solene'% 2023-08-31 00:00

Game of Trees 0.92 released

Version 0.92 of Game of Trees has been released (and the port updated): * got 0.92; 2023-08-29 see git repository history for per-change authorship information - allow modified files to be deleted during merges if content exists in repo - disallow overlapping …

via OpenBSD Journal 2023-08-30 05:24

AI crap

There is a machine learning bubble, but the technology is here to stay. Once the bubble pops, the world will be changed by machine learning. But it will probably be crappier, not better. Contrary to the AI doomer’s expectations, the world isn’t going to go d…

via Drew DeVault's blog 2023-08-29 00:00

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