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quote: Philippe Kruchten - Agile

“The agile movement is in some ways a bit like a teenager: very self-conscious, checking constantly its appearance in a mirror, accepting few criticisms, only interested in being with its peers, rejecting en bloc all wisdom from the past, just because it is from the past, adopting fads and new jargon, at times cocky and arrogant. But I have no doubts that it will mature further, become more open to the outside world, more reflective, and therefore, more effective.”

– Philippe Kruchten

Articles from blogs I follow around the net

Enable local-to-anchors tables in PF rules

In a recent post to tech@ titled let's make pf(4) anchors and tables better friends (possibly originating at the ongoing hackathon) Alexandr Nedvedicky (sashan@) introduced code to enable creating local tables inside anchors in pf(4) rulesets: Date: Sa…

via OpenBSD Journal 2024-07-14 15:42

My fears about AI are not what you think

A clip from a longer stream VOD where I run through my fears with the AI industry

via Xe Iaso's blog 2024-07-08 00:00

WireGuard and Linux network namespaces

# Introduction This guide explains how to setup a WireGuard tunnel on Linux using a dedicated network namespace so you can choose to run a program on the VPN or over clearnet. I have been able to figure the setup thanks to the following blog post, I enh…

via Solene'% 2024-07-04 00:00

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