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IRC is perfect… Why not use IRC for everything possible? =]

After years using Epic and ircII I surrender to the “modern stuff”. And Weechat is awesome.

  • C
  • multi script languages (perl, python, lua, ruby [ ok, no so great ] and others )
  • remote interfaces
  • custom colors
  • custom bars
  • vertial and horizontal splits
  • GPL3 (mmm, I prefer ISC…)
  • bug-free, well, 3 years using weechat and no single one core file generated…


I'd install some ports:

  • weechat-lua
  • weechat-python
  • py3-websocket-client (wee_slack's dep)


Well, weechat uses a multi file configuration, so I'll resume my changes…



Solarized dark!!! Remember to use the solarized dark colors in your Xresources.



To toggle the buflist with Alt + b.

/key bind meta-b /

To toggle the nicklist with Alt + n.

/key bind meta-n /bar toggle nicklist


  • - automatically keep buffers grouped by server and sorted by name
  • - add tab completion to bitlbee commands
  • - nick with colors
  • - adds a highlight monitor buffer
  • - shorten URLs with
  • tmux_env - update weechat env from tmux
  • wee_slack - making slack a little less stupid


Yeah, I know… Slack… meh. But some times, we need to join the brainless-guys.

In shell…

mkdir -p ~/.weechat/python/autoload
cd ~/.weechat/python
curl -O
ln -s ../ autoload

In weechat…

/slack register
/slack register [CODE_FROM_URL]
/python reload slack

And done…