tags: quoretech changelog 2019

Topics bug: tcp byte counting twice bug: ws binary RIAK Pool: ping/pong RIAK Pool: settings file with node number RIAK Settings: node number is not required HCS ECG: values as int version: 1.24.0 merge: 1.24.0 Links Music: Floral Shoppe - Macintosh Plus


tags: quoretech changelog 2019

Topics Is Discord the right tool? TCP Packet TCP Buffer RIAK “timeout” error HCS API Userland: PING/PONG Links Music:

UTOS v1.2.0

tags: utos changelog

Added crypto random using new requester pattern random chars HCS Device: api: register is now returning token routine: auth exists get me register reset unactive - remove all unactives devices HCS API Relay: general bus service auth true bus tcp service kernel service ping service session service tcp service ETL map clean keys riak clean riakmap 2 map Changed crypto totp using new requester pattern using random chars service

UTOS rc-1.0.11-01

tags: utos changelog

msgpack added uuid4 added ES USERS GUI: now retuning no action found HCS ( Health Care System ) Log, a simple logger HCS Device: supervisor db: supervisor new get set search HCS TCP: supervisor tcp server tcp io tcp kernel tcp envelop tcp bus

Fenrir... New case...

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I bought a new case for Fenrir (Nilko 2u nk 220 eatx). I really recomend, has an extremely good quality, the best BR case I found so far. (I bought an 3Etec and hell… pure garbage). My plan is to upgrade Fenrir's RAM, has only 8GB, 16GB is the new target.

Home Office

tags: homeoffice toys workflow

Mmm, I need to write about my stuff again… I got a nice workflow, home office and toys to write about and I never take time to it.
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